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The first few of many ghost stories

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

This story was taken from either a newspaper or a magazine. It was an article highlighting several homes in our area that experienced paranormal activity. I will include a picture of it but the article had to have been published sometime mid-late1980's due to the reference of the owner who operated this house and property as a Bed & Breakfast.

Like the Winterwood*, The Henry Ludlam Inn has a reputation that has attracted psychics who want to sense for themselves.

One psychic said that the guest house on Dennisville Lake, built in 1760** by Henry Ludlam, is inhabited by the pirate John Ludlam (son of Henry) and John's wife, Rachel.

Guests over the years have reported the full range of other-worldly activities: bumps and thumps and knocks, filmy apparitions of a bearded man and an ethereal woman, envelopes of icy air.

Five-year-owner Ann Thurlow***said earlier this week, "Just this morning we had the lights go off and on again. It never seems to affect the digital clocks, which it would if it were electrical. I've never seen anything, but I can feel the presence. I've described it before as a kind of movement of air, like waves. They're good ghosts. I feel protected here, like we belong here and are supposed to be here."

*Winterwood is another haunted building/property in Cape May County.

**1760 - We've found using a combination of others' research that the original part of the house was built circa 1740's with a second portion added circa 1804.

***Ann Thurlow and her husband owned and operated The Henry Ludlam Inn for several years.

I myself have heard footsteps on a floor above me when I know for a fact I am in the house alone. I've also heard glass breaking and was so sure of it, I texted my daughter asking what she broke downstairs. She said, "nothing", looked around and reported back that I'm crazy and to not bother coming down to check it out. I didn't believe her, donned my bathrobe and went to see for myself. I checked everywhere, every window. I even looked at the dog to see if he appeared ashamed for having broken something. There was nothing.

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