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Welcome to the Henry Ludlam House

Updated: Feb 24, 2022


If you enjoy old homes rich with history, beautiful and sometimes odd photographs, some how-to's on repairing and maintaining old structures, ghost stories, and reading about the humdrum lives of the people who live in such a place then you've found your people. We're here and we'll share our journey of the Henry Ludlam House with you.


There's ALWAYS more to learn.

We have had to learn some interesting skills and work-arounds in our mission to keep this place standing proud after approximately 281 years. We hope to help other historic home DIYers. We're certainly not finished, there's always more to do and learn.


You'll get plenty!

The history of this house dates back to mid1700's. You'll probably get more history than you can stand, but if that's your "thing" you'll absolutely enjoy this.


We've got long term residents.

There's an abundance of paranormal activity here and you'll get to see and hear about all of it.


We're certainly hoping for more!

We thoroughly enjoy all the experiences we've had living here. We are excited to share them with you.

If you think you'd enjoy this journey with us, please subscribe or comment. Ask us questions if you'd like or join one of our group discussions.

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